Human capital

In Brite Masters we have competent and trained staff to provide excellent service.

a) Supervisory Staff, to ensure the activities agreed with our customers.

b) Crews experts elements for the management of Special Services.

c) Administrative support for the assistance from the offices of the operational logistics that require our commitments.

Mobile and Monitoring Equipment

We have a vehicle fleet that serves to timely transport equipment, machinery, materials and cleaning supplies, as well as personnel.

These units also provide effective support for supervisors to perform their duties quickly review the contracted points.

Cleaning equipment

We handle the latest equipment to meet the quality we offer our services.

a) Injection-suction machines with Perfect-Heat system, which uses heat to wash and disinfect more easily, using the function in cold rooms with delicate fabrics.

b) Turbines to 3/4 hp dryers to dry uniformly and quickly carpets, rooms, etc …

c) Pressure Washers, for washing concrete floors, sidewalks, facades, etc.

d) Polishers low and high revolution grinding and polishing any kind of floor marble, tile or concrete mix.